Top 50 Hockey Fights of All-Time

By james - January 09, 2020

Hockey fights are all a part of the game and are what helps us love the sport. Hockey does not necessarily promote such fights and even try and prevent fights from happening, even if they aren’t always successful. The sheer history and hatred that has stemmed from fighting are amazing and are something we love, but with the future of fighting in hockey not looking the brightest let’s take a look at some of the best fights in hockey.

50.Daniel Carcillo Vs Derek Dorsett

This fight did not start off that interesting, just a couple of small guys getting ready to square up. This was a prime example of don’t judge a book by its cover because the second these guys grabbed onto each other’s jersey it was on like Donkey Kong and these guys were firing missiles at one another’s heads. Eventually Dorsett beat Carcillo so bad the refs had to intervene.

49. Rick Rypien Vs Chris Neil

Based on the way these two fought it is obvious that Rick Rypien and Chris Neil do not like each other. These two with ferocity unknown to mankind and would not stop until the refs finally got in between them. By the looks of how intense that fight was it is most likely that Rypien said something about Neil’s Mom.

48. Todd Fedoruk vs. Brian McGrattan

Todd Fedoruk got absolutely mopped by Brian Mcgratten when these two squared up. Mcgratten threw the majority of the punches thrown in this match and left little doubt as to who won the fight between the two of them.

47. Zdeno Chara Vs David Koci

Zdeno Chara showed yet again that he is one bad mamajama in his fight against David Koci. To Koci’s credit although he may have had a broken nose, he still wanted to fight Chara. Chara made him pay by with an absolute pummeling to the face and they had to call the fight because Koci was bleeding so badly.


46. Eric Boulton vs. Eric Godard

Both Eric Boulton and Eric Godard showed plenty of stamina and grit in this fight. Boulton ate most of those hits showing his ability to take a hit. It got to a point where you have to throw punches back or you’re going to get knocked out, Boulton didn’t realize this as he was getting absolutely wrecked by Godard.

45. Georges Laraque Vs Donald Brashear

These two enforcers went head to head in what became an instant classic. When Georges Laraque took on Donald Brashear you could hear the pounding that was going on from the nosebleed seats. Laraque started the fight dominating and was really beating Brashear down for most of the fight, but Brashear stayed composed delivering an absolute haymaker to Laraque knocking him right down to the ground.

44. Brenden Dillon vs. Garnet Hathaway

This fight started off with Brenden Dillon feeding Garnet Hathaway up breakfast lunch and dinner. Hathaway eventually got back into the fight delivering some good blows towards the end of the fight. The refs called this fight too early but if it were to go any longer it is pretty likely that Dillon wasn’t going to stop until he knocked out Hathaway.

43. Deryk Engelland vs. Jarome Iginla

When Deryk Engelland and Jarome Iginla it was a prime example of two gladiators duking it out. This fight was legitimate grit matchup between two tough guys who really wanted it. Iginla did not back down to Engelland as he schooled the heavyweight, and at 39 Inginla showed that the old dog still has some bite to go with his bark.

42. Jim Vandermeer Vs Aaron Downey

If heavyweights like Jim Vandermeer and Aaron Downey squared off like this more often than they would need they would need to add a small box in the penalty box for players to spit their teeth into. These two warriors fought in an epic battle where they just laid haymaker upon haymaker on each other. No matter how hard the refs would try and stop the fight they were unable to stop until Vandermeer took Downy straight down.

41. Wayne Gretzky vs. Neal Broten

Wayne Gretzky was not known as The Great One for his amazing fighting skills. This fight showed why Gretzky barely ever tried to fight, and why he never got into fights. As soon as Gretzky dropped his gloves Broten made sure that the rest of Gretzky would be joining him by knocking him out with ease almost immediately.

40. Wayne Cashman vs Jim Schoenfeld Dec 13, 1972

When Jim schenfeld checked tough guy Wayne Cashman through the door that they open for the zamboni. The second they collided through the doors they started going at it and kept on whaling on each other behind the glass. The refs did their best jobs to try and separate them but there was no separating these two tough guys.

39. Dave Schultz vs Terry O'Reilly Jan 25, 1976

What started off as a little fight between Dave Schultz and Terry O’Reilly filled with hammering blows nonstop. The fight started and O’Reilly really let Schultz have it with vicious punches and pulled over his Jersey while hitting him in the head. Schultz finally got out of that jersey hold he fought back with such intensity. In what seemed to be an even even fight Dave Schultz started to really stand out as the winner because he did not want the fight to end and made O’reilly flinch badly while they were being separated.

38. J Bob "Battleship" Kelly vs John Wensink Nov 20, 1977

In today’s league it is normal for players to grab each other by the jersey so that they stay within arm’s length and can deliver punches to each other in the quest for a knockout. This fight however they grabbed each other’s hair to keep close in this fierce battle.

37. Dennis Vial Vs Rob Ray

In what would end up being the last fight at the old Buffalo arena this battle between heavyweights did not disappoint as Dennis Vial squared off against Rob Ray. This clash was absolutely mayhem with each player viciously throwing haymakers at each other head all the way until the refs called it. This bout will go down as a victory for Ray who sent the home crowd home happy.


36. Jason Smith vs Mark Tinordi Jan 6, 1998

It all started off as a fight between Mark Tinordi and Tie Domi, but that would not last long because Jason Smith tapped in to start pummeling Tinordi. Good thing for Tinordi is that he already had a broken nose before the fight started because the rapid-fire punches that were thrown between both players. Tie Domi is not normally someone who needs help settling scores for him, but Jason Smith came in went blow for blow with tough guy Tinordi as the referee watched just like the rest of us in this great battle that took place.

35. Jeff Kugel vs Owen sound Platers 10/25/98

Jeff Kugel leaped from the bench to one punch KO the unsuspecting Juri Golicic in a way nobody has ever seen before. After Kugel knocked out Golicic he then proceeded to chase around other players that he was going against, but nobody wanted any part of him. It is a shame that nobody else wanted to fight him because it would have been really cool to see someone knock out two different people in one fight. Kugel was suspended 25 games in the OHL after this altercation and never played a game in that league again.

34. Erik Gudbranson And Michael Haley

These men fight for nearly a minute in a good, long scrap.

In a fight that resembled David and Goliath, Erik Gudbranson and Michael Haley squared off in what was a well fought battle to the end. Behemoth Erik Gudbranson towered over the tough Michael Haley. Haley did a great job at bobbing and weaving Gudbranson’s hits and delivering some good strikes of his own even getting Gudbranson knocked down, and at that point the ref separated the fight. Haley showed some real grit out there and also showed that anyone can be taken down.

33. George McPhee Vs Rick Tocchet

Having a hurt right hand was not going to stop Mcphee from giving Tocchet all he could handle. These guys were throwing haymakers at each other and if it was not for the fact that both players ended up at the unbalanced on the boards which led to the refs calling it. Mcphee was getting in some good hits using his hurt right hand

32. Zdeno Chara Vs Bryan Mccabe

The absolute tank Zdeno Chara just had his way with Bryan Mccabe. Chara had Mccabe like a ragdoll as he threw him around during their fight. Chara could do no wrong in that fight and with the way Chara manhandled Mccabe although the size differential may have contributed to the easiness of the fight, but that doesn’t make it any less impressive. The way Mccabe didn’t even touch the floor it was as if they were playing a game of the floor is lava and Chara was helping Mccabe out by keeping him off of the floor.


31. John Wensink Vs the Minnesota North Stars

Shortly after John Wensink finished with his slugfest on Alex Pirus, he skated over to the Minnesota North Stars bench where he challenged the whole bench to a fight. It was not until the ref got between Wensink and the bench that Wensink skated away but a fight like that would be phenomenal to watch. The sheer audacity that Wensik had to even approach the bench of the North Stars to go 1 vs almost an entire team and still have not any takers is absolutely absurd.

30. Rick Rypien vs Cam Janssen Dec 31, 2009

Rick Rypien and Cam Janssen gave bringing in the New Year with a bang a whole new meaning with their fight. These two really gave it their all blow by blow not stopping until the refs had to pry them apart from each other. Janssen left the battle with a bloody nose because Rypien got more hits but Janssen landed the more powerful punches.

29. Georges Laraque Vs Riley Cote

Georges Laraque had Riley Cote in the spin cycle when they fought April 2, 2008. Laraque landed a lot of big hits while Cote was just holding onto Laraques jersey for dear life.  Cote was lucky it was just his helmet that flew off instead of his head when Laraque landed a left-handed bomb right to his head.

28. Tie Domi Vs Philadelphia Fan

Settling the score is Tie Domi’s business so when his teammate got knocked down with a cheap shot Domi was quick to run over and try and fight the player. Domi was held back by the refs and put him in the penalty box. When he was in the penalty box, he was being antagonized by a fan who spilled their drink on him, so he sprayed back at the fan. What happened next is where it gets crazy when a fan from two rows back tried to jump over the glass, and even breaking the glass, to get into the penalty box. The fan needed stitches after and was given a citation by the police after the altercation.

27. Hal Gill vs Zdeno Chara

When Hal Gill squared off with Zdeno Chara it was a matchup of two of the biggest men in the NHL. What GIll had in size he lacked in fighting ability and was unable to do anything against the skilled fighter that is Zdeno Chara. It was a good old-fashioned butt whooping as Chara repeatedly delivered severe blows to Gills head.


26. Bob Nystrom Vs Mel Bridgman

This old-time shootout was nothing short of a fierce bout. Bob Nystrom and Mel Bridgman each got solid shots on each other. They kept whacking each other in the head nonstop and Nystrom did a better of a job beating up Bridgeman’s hand with his face.

25. Aaron Downey vs. Jesse Boulerice (02/11/03)

Jesse Boulerice showed everyone that it is not always the best thing to throw the first punch in a fight when he overextended on his punch on Aaron Downey. Downey delivered a devastating blow when he dodged and weaved Boulerices punches, and left Boulerice down for the count.

24. Rangers 4th line vs. Devils 4th line

In a rivalry as intense as the Devils and Rangers fights are expected to happen, but when they happen once the puck drops is crazy. After a fight in their previous matchup it was expected that there would be a fight in this game as well. Once the puck dropped almost every players gloves dropped with it as the fighting ensued.

23. Evander Kane vs. Zdeno Chara

Evander Kane and Zdeno Chara are both players who are very familiar with fights, but the great Kane was no match for the brooding behemoth that is Zdeno Chara. Chara who is 6 ft 9 inches simply overpowered Kane in what was Kane’s second fight that period. Chara made Kane who is not a bad fighter by any means look like someone who had no business sharing the ice with him.

22. Rick DiPietro vs. Brett Johnson (Goalie KO)

Goalie vs Goalie the ultimate hockey fight, but that is not how this goalie fight would play out. In the midst of what was already a small tussle Rick Dipietro waved over Brett Johnson who came and met him at center ice. Once they got within arm’s length of each other Johnson knocked him right to the ground almost instantly ending the fight.

21. Florida Panthers vs. Vancouver Canucks

Winning with class probably won’t land you a spot on this list, but a good thing for the Canucks is that they won in overtime then proceeded to gab the bench. This provoked a brawl between the two teams as some of the players even came back from the locker room to tussle.

20. Ray Emery vs. Brayden Holtby

Brayden Holtby had the rare honor of recording a shutout and also participating in a fight in the same game. One honor he did not get though would be the honor of winning the fight he was a part of. Holtby was not interested in fighting but Ray Emery said that’s too bad as Emery just started hammering away at him until the refs finally pulled him away.

19. Zac Rinaldo vs. Erik Gudbranson

18. Steve Downie vs. Erik Gudbranson

Steve Downie tried to tussle with the wrong man when the Lightning came into town to square off against the Panthers. In what was only his third professional game Erik Gudbranson fought like a gritty veteren. Throwing uppercuts like it was his job he destroyed Downie and just made Downie look like an antelope who just entered the lion’s den.

17. Riley Cote vs. Shawn Thorton

Riley Cote and Shawn Thorton squared off at center ice in a fight that was definitely worth the price of admission. They were like machines out there swinging and getting hit at the same time but not quitting one bit. It was a great bout with nonstop action. One thing is for certain if these guys never were in the NHL they definitely could’ve been professional boxers.

16. Colton Orr vs. Derrick Engyllend KO

Sometimes it’s not the amount of punches thrown but how hard you throw them, and this fight is a prime example of that. This fight started off with Colton Orr landing a bunch of decent strikes the whole time, but when Engyllend hit him right in his chin he was able to knock out Orr and go to the penalty box victorious.

15. Tie Domi Vs Bob Probert

They say the bigger they are the harder they fall and Tie Domi proved that in this fight vs Bob Probert that took place February 9, 1992. The bigger Probert started off strong but Domi was relentless in his effort as the refs had to stop the fight before either guy got hurt too much. Domi felt like he was the victor and gave a motion of having a championship belt like he was Mike Tyson after the fight. This did not make the Red Wings happy and led to an entire brawl to erupt.

14. Stan Jonathan Vs Pierre Bouchard

Jonathan fighting Bouchard was as savage as savage gets. In what was already a chippy game Bouchard and Jonathan had just about enough of each other. In the beginning it was looking like Bouchard was going to beat up Jonathan with a choke move and getting some good punches in, but Jonathan had other plans for how this fight was going to end. The hits that Jonathan was dealing straight to Bouchard’s face was just brutal and led to Jonathan being ripped off of Bouchard by the refs. Bouchard was left pouring blood from his nose onto the ice as teammate Giles Lupien started to fight John Wensink.

13. Montreal Canadiens Vs Boston Bruins 1986

In what is better known as the Brawl in the Hall this all out slugfest caused all sorts of craziness. It all started as a small fight then everyone someone to fight against while the benches cleared. It resembled a WWE Smackdown Battle Royal with all the players wrestling better than they were playing hockey that night. The fight eventually left the ice and wandered into the hallway that leads to the locker room when the refs were escorting Chris Nilan who was just ejected ,and took a swing at Boston’s Ken Linseman, who was on the Bruins bench, and this provoked the benches to clear and continued the brawl.

12. Bruins vs. Rangers:12/23/79

What can only be described as pure pandemonium, mayhem broke out in New York after the Bruins Rangers game when a fan hit and grabbed the stick of one of the Bruins players. This led to 18 players climbing up into the stands where Stan Jonathan beat the fan, who took his stick, with a shoe. Security guards rushed to end the pummeling and the Bruins needed a police escort for the team bus so that the disgruntled Rangers fans didn’t flip the bus over. This brawl caused the league to make the glass that separates players from fans taller to prevent something like this from happening again.

11. PJ Stock Vs Stephen Peat

The vicious punches these two were delivering to each other was nothing short of exciting. Two men who could throw good punches just let them rip against each other punch after punch they proved they were not only able to deal the punches, but they also proved they could take the punches too. How neither one of them got knocked out during this fight is still mind boggling to this day.


10. Felix Potvin Vs Ron Hextall

In what is probably the best goalie fight of all time when Felix Potvin and Ron Hextall dropped gloves. These two were trading punches the entire fight and Potvin was really letting Hextall have it. They kept fighting until they heard the final whistle for the game ending, and they were still fighting and decided to stop fighting as they were leaning on each other exhausted.

9. Avalanche vs. Red Wings: Bloody Wednesday (3/26/97)

In what is more easily referred to as Bloody Wednesday this brawl came from two teams who absolutely hated each other all season. This deep seeded rivalry blossomed from a playoff series the year prior when Claude Lemieux retaliated for an earlier hit on teammate Adam Foote by delivering a rigid blow to Slava Koslov, and three games later Lemieux slammed the unsuspecting Kris Draper right into the boards and breaking his jaw. Don’t worry though because Detroit got there revenge the following season when the Avalanche came into town and came hunting for Lemieux. There were plenty of fights throughout this intense game and it all started when Detroit’s enforcer Darren McCarty brought the pain to Lemieux forcing him into basically the fetal position, there was plenty more fights before the night ended and people were more likely to remember the scores of the fights instead of what the actual score of that game was.

8. Aaron Downey Vs Jesse Boulerice

In a fight that won’t be remembered for its longevity as Aaron Downey and Jesse Boulerice squared off against each other. Downy dodged the swings Boulerice was throwing and Downey’s punch landed and Boulerice went down like a sack of potatoes. There were two hits and it was Downey hitting Boulerice and Boulerice hitting the ice.

7. Canadiens vs. Bruins: Rocket Richard riot: (3/17/55)

The Rocket Richard and Montreal were a tough game between the Canadiens and Bruins as he got caught up hitting a ref in the middle of his fight. This led to the commissioner suspending him for the rest of the season and playoffs. Richard had to watch from the stands and on March 17th, 1955 commissioner Clarence Campbell watched and the city of Montreal was so outraged with the way Richard was suspended, and Campbell period, so they took it upon themselves to make him as uncomfortable as possible. Fans booed him from the second he arrived to when he was escorted out by officers. They threw food at him and a fan even slapped him. Someone lit the stands on fire, and it was pure pandemonium as cops had to come in and drive people out with tear gas and over 100 people were arrested.

6. Calgary Flames Vs Anaheim Mighty Ducks

This fight started with an unusual suspect as the Mighty Ducks goalie got hit in the face. To make it even one of the Ducks players absolutely laid out the flames goalie and that is when the madness began. The gloves dropped almost instantly as the brawl erupted and fights would break out periodically throughout the game after that first fight broke out. It was definitely safe to say the Mighty Ducks earned the Mighty part in their name after that game.

5. Bob Probert Vs Craig Coxe

From the nosebleed seats it looked more like rock ‘em sock ‘em robots than hockey when tough guy Bob Probert and Craig Coxe dropped gloves and started fighting. Both players were throwing constant haymakers at each other like missiles.

4. Evander Kane vs. Matt Cooke KO

This was less of a fight and more of a flat-out assault Evander Kane made Matt Cooke regret coming up to him and try to start the fight. Cooke targeted Kane to try and start a fight and all it took was one punch thrown for it to be all over. Kane made Cooke go nighty night with a hockey punch that was textbook. Kane looked to have Herculean strength when he absolutely knocked Cooke out.

3. Marty McSorley Vs Bob Probert

In a fight that probably would’ve better taken place inside the Octagon these McSorley Vs Probert matched up and the refs let them battle. No benches clear and we got to see a fight the way a fight should be one on one. Boy was this nothing short of a real deal rumble. Both players jerseys came, and they kept going at each other blow for blow resembling WWE Smackdown.


2. Senators vs Flyers 2004

With under 2 minutes left to play in a game where the Flyers were dominating; Rob Ray and Donald Brashear decided they had had enough of each other and dropped their gloves to start fighting. The benches on both sides cleared immediately and when the dust finally cleared the refs had ejected 20 players and dealt out over 400 combined penalty minutes. The mere fact of how many players were ejected

1. Flyers Canadians warm up brawl 5/14/1987

In what can only be described as pure madness and appearing to be a scene taken straight out of the movie Slapshot this brawl started before the game even did during the warmups. Philly defenseman Ed Hospodar was warning Canadian forward Claude Lemieux not to shoot the puck into the Flyers goal at the end of pregame, but he did it anyway, which led to the mayhem of both team’s bench clearing and all players pouring onto the ice.