Top 5 Father- Son Duos in NBA History

By James Caricato - April 16, 2019

Can’t imagine a much better life than playing in the NBA, to later retire and watch your son compete in the league years later. Fortunately for a few, they are able to live this dream and keep the family basketball legacy alive. What’s more legendary in basketball than having a family that dominates the NBA for generations? Just ask LeBron James what he thinks his greatest accomplishment would be; playing next to LeBron James Jr. is at the top of his priority list.

These are the Top 5 Father- Son Duo’s in NBA history

5. Tim Hardaway & Tim Hardaway Jr.

Tim Hardaway was a top tier point guard during his time in the NBA and was one of the first big signings for the Miami Heat after they joined the League in 1988. Tim Hardaway Jr. is still young, only drafted 5 years ago and is off to a hot start this year for the Knicks.

4. Doc Rivers & Austin Rivers

Doc Rivers had a solid 14 season playing career in the NBA, one of them in New York when the Knicks lost to the Rockets in the ’94 NBA Finals. Austin Rivers is now in his 8th season and just coming off his best year yet. Austin Rivers is the first son to play for his father in the NBA.

3. Joe Bryant & Kobe Bryant

Joe Bryant had a nice 8 year NBA career, but being Kobe Bryant’s dad and playing in the NBA, even if it was for only one game is enough to push this Duo to be on this list.

2. Rick, Jon, Brent, & Drew Barry

This family had to make the list. Hall of Famer and Laker Legend Rick Barry has 3 sons that have all played in the NBA. Jon and Brent both had long NBA careers, both played 15 seasons.

1. Dell Curry & Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry by now is one of the greatest point guards to play the game and is widely recognized as the greatest shooter ever, but he’s not the only baller in the family. Dell Curry had an impressive 16 year career in the NBA and was the primary SG for Charlotte for 10 seasons. Steph’s brother, Seth Curry is also a young NBA player currently signed with Portland and has plenty potential to have a break out season.