Top 25 Jordan Sneakers of All-Time

By james - May 11, 2019

Let’s settle the debate.


The most iconic basketball shoe brand has pumped out some of the best kicks on the market. Jordans have become synonymous with basketball and culture since their debut in 1985.


Jordans are one of the most valued collectable kicks in the game; you can’t claim you have a quality shoe collection without a pair of Js.


We’ve seen ridiculous sneaker collection from our favorite NBA players, including LeBron James and Dwyane Wade that feature the hottest Jordans ever.


The Cactus Jacks have swept the nation, the “Bred’s” are a classic, and everybody loves Concords. Kicks lovers of all walks of life have been blessed with an overwhelming abundance of creative and first-class sneaker products over the years, thus, narrowing down the best of the best isn’t an easy task.


This list of high-quality shoe porn will leave sneaker-heads in a state of ecstasy and clarity as we highlight the best Js to be made.


Here’s a breakdown of the 25 best Jordan’s of all-time, listed from the least great to the best Jordan sneaker to be created.


25. Air Jordan IV (Pure Money)

This pair is at the bottom of our list, but that doesn’t mean it’s underappreciated.


These clean pearl white beauties are nicely complimented with the touches of chrome on the sides. Other than the fact that keeping these kicks clean will be a project if you plan on wearing them regularly, these shoes go with any outfit and deserve a spot on our list.

24. Air Jordan IV (Carmine)

This shoe was part of a style breakthrough in the 90s.


This is a pair of kicks with an edgy and bold look. The red and white colors and rigid designs are a hit, this is a quality Jordan sneaker.

23. Air Jordan IX (Bred Black)

These shoes keep it simple and stylish.


The midnight all black color works with anything you wear. The suede exterior gives this shoe a nice depth and boldness for an all-black pair.

22. Air Jordan XIII (Bred)

Some believe this is a top 10 Jordan pair, but we don’t buy it.


This shoe’s predecessor, the XI “Bred” is a much better design than this. Although we feel this sneaker is generally overrated, we also recognize it is worthy of a spot at #22 on the list. Black and Red is the best way to go if you’re interested in getting a pair.

21. Air Jordan X (Fire Red)

If you prefer a bulky shoe, this is a great choice.

These Jordans were very popular after their release in 1990. The foam ankle supports were innovative, and this design was one of a kind during its time. This shoe has spun of several retros since.

20. Air Jordan IV (Military Blue)

This a smooth shoe.


These have been retro’d a couple of times since their release in ’89. This icy pair of kicks is easy to find and easier to sell.

19. Air Jordan XI (Concord Low)

Concords were and still are one of the biggest hits that Jordan released.

In 2014, the low top version debuted with a few updates. This pair is a bit silkier than the original Concords, but less iconic.

18. Air Jordan VII (Bordeaux)

These kicks are unique.


The suede black with the grey, purple, and yellow colorway proves to make an interesting look. This shoe separates itself from the rest of the pack, making this one of the most original pairs listed.

17. Air Jordan VI (Black Infrared)

The red really pops on these black shoes.


This colorway sold extremely well and is recognized as one of the best Jordan 6 releases.

16. Air Jordan V (Grape)

This shoe is a vibe.


The purple and teal on the dominate white shoe is lustrous. This pair has been retro’d multiple times and will likely continue to be in the future.

15. Air Jordan IX (Bred)

This ’95 Jordan 9 is still loved today.


These were a common pair to own for basketball fans and players in the mid-late 90s. The function and style of these kicks are A1. This bred colorway combination is the perfect fit for this shoe.

14. Air Jordan IV (Fire Red)

This pair was very bold for 1989.


These kicks were the center of attention in the late 80s as sneakerheads were introduced to a new look. This shoe sold out multiple times since its debut and is still popular today.

13. Air Jordan III (White Cement)

A humble Jordan III with a little personality.


These are clean and the cement pattern makes this pair cherished.

12. Air Jordan III (Black Cement)

Black Cement vs. White Cement will never end.


Both pairs are memorable and collectable. The black has more going on, a little bit of a busier shoe. This shoe feels more creative than the white, therefore we give it the nod as the superior “Cement” shoe.

11. Air Jordan V (Toro Bravo)

I really wanted these to be in the Top 10, and they deserve it, but there’s no more room.


The dominate red suede kicks are captivating. This inimitable pair has so much detail; the 23 on the bottom sides and the black accents are picture-perfect.

10. Air Jordan XI (Concord)

Concords are universally loved by hoopers and Jordan faithfuls.

They’ve become an iconic pair of Jordan’s that are likely to be featured in every sneakerhead’s collection.

9. Air Jordan I (White Black Red)

These Jordan’s came out in 1985 after MJ got fined for his original Black & Red colorway because it lacked the color white, therefore they technically didn’t match his NBA uniform.

Nike & Mike went back to the drawing board to soon produce one of the most desirable basketball sneakers, ever.

8. Air Jordan IV (UNDFTD)

One of the rarest and most expensive Air Jordan’s to be created, this collaboration pair with UNDFTD currently goes from anywhere between $15,000- $25,000…

7. Air Jordan XI (Space Jam)

This sneaker gained a ton of hype after MJ wore these kicks in the 1995 playoffs and the 1996 film Space Jam. However, these Jordan’s weren’t available for purchase until 2000.

6. Air Jordan I (Royal)

This colorway has been recreated 4 times since its initial release in 1985. These colors just work too well together. The blue pops with the white, and the touches of black are clean and crisp.


Everything about this shoe is aesthetically pleasing.

5. Air Jordan I (Black Toe)

This is Michael Jordan’s first signature shoe that featured the Nike swoosh. The color combination was used with balance and gives an edge that fans fell in love with.

4. Air Jordan IV (KAWS)

This shoe is the #1 Jordan for many critics, which is no surprise…


The KAWS collaboration sneaker was a hit right off the bat when it released in 2017. The all suede material and “KAWS” print makes this the ideal Jordan to pair with dress clothes.

3. Air Jordan I (Shattered Backboard)

This is a recent spin from the Classic Jordan’s that was released in 2015. These kicks were recreated from the colorway MJ wore the time he shattered a backboard during a game.


The electrifying orange is exceptional and makes this shoe a true original.

2. Air Jordan IV (Eminem x Canhartt)

Only 10 pairs of these limited-edition three-way collaboration sneakers were auctioned off for charity back in 2015.

Now, they are arguably the rarest pair of Jordan’s to be produced.

1. Air Jordan I (Black Red)

The Jordan’s that paved the way for the rest. These kicks are the trend setters, the game changing sneaker that revolutionized basketball shoes to the height it has reached today.