Top 25 Hottest NBA Wives & Girlfriends

By James Caricato - December 07, 2018

NBA players are known for their game on the court, but it’s time for their game off the court to get some recognition. On top of the fame and luxurious lifestyle, basketball stars are able to indulge in the fruits of their labor with the company of the most stunning women. Some of the most eligible ladies are either dating or married to an NBA player.

Talent attracts talent, and it was only a matter of time until our team at Playmaker HQ came together to craft a list comprised of these aesthetic goddesses from all walks of life.

Without Further ado, here are the hottest NBA wives & girlfriends…

25. Elaine Alden Fields (Landry Fields)

We know Landry hasn’t been in the league for a little while now, but his woman earned him a spot on this list. The couple met in New York while Landry was a Knick and soon after got married in 2014.

24. Nina Westbrook (Russell Westbrook)

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The two met at UCLA where they both played college basketball. The lady hooper and Russell now have baby boy, Noah, after getting married in 2015. In 2017 when Russell won the NBA MVP, he made sure to dedicate he’s achievements to his wife and glorified her for her love and support.

19. Vanessa Macias (Tim Duncan)

Vanessa is pure beauty and she’s got a great sense of humor which was shown when she responded to Charles Barkley saying San Antonio breeds “Big Ol’ Women” by showing up to a Spurs game in a tight white shirt saying “Barkley Doesn’t Know”, easily shutting down Charles. Tim & Vanessa have been dating for a while now and had their first daughter, Quill, in March 2017.

15. Vanessa Bryant (Kobe Bryant)

It has been a wild ride for this couple. Kobe proposed to Vanessa her senior year of high school when she was just 18. Since, their marriage has experienced some bumps in the road, including the rape accusation towards Kobe from a hotel employee several years ago. Although the rape accusations were deemed false, the consensual sex still caused backlash. The Bryant’s came close to a divorce but were able to reconcile their differences and are now blessed with a loving family including 3 daughters.

13. Adrienne Bosh (Chris Bosh)

Prior to marrying Chris; Adrienne dated a number of celebrities including NFL players John Abraham & DeAngelo Hall, hip hop artist Lil Wayne, and NBA player Delonte West. Adrienne and Chris married in 2011 and since have had four children together.

12. Cassandra Anderson (Kevin Durant)

Cassandra is a real estate baddie that can close a deal as easily as she can lock down a man. Kevin and Cassandra have been dating since the Warriors won the championship this past season.

11. Kendall Jenner (Ben Simmons)

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Anotha one…Her last name may not be a Kardashian, but she’s still keeping the family tradition alive. Although rumors began to lurk in August that the two had ended things, Kendall said she still talks to Ben and implied that their relationship was & is more open than closed.

10. Bria Myles (Victor Oladipo)

Victor has made big upgrades in his game and dating life. The Actress and Instagram model has been rumored to be dating Victor dating back to 2017.

8. Rachel Demita (Andre Roberson)

Rachel is best known for starring in the NBA 2k TV show and being every 15 year old boys’ crush, yet not a lot of people know she played D1 Basketball at Old Dominion and has since worked for the NBA, NBA2k, ESPN and more.

She just left NBA 2KTV. Read this to learn why.

5. Robyn Hayward (Gordon Hayward)

Gordon is not the only athlete in his house, Robyn was once ranked 4th in the state of Indiana for Volleyball and led her high school team to a state title. With Gordon carrying out an NBA career, Robyn is now a Full-Time Mom raising 2 daughters with one on the way.

4. Denise Garcia (Lonzo Ball)

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She’s breathtaking, it’s a shame things are allegedly getting rocky between Denise and Lonzo. Not long after Denise gave birth to her daughter Zoey was the fighting noticeable. Recently, Denise was thought to be questioning Lonzos’ fatherhood while live on IG.

3. Ayesha Curry (Steph Curry)

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Ayesha is a fan favorite and has gained popularity after being seen in the stands during Steph’s games. Ayesha met Steph at Church when she was only 14. The beautiful NBA wife now has her own cooking show, among other ventures.

2. Anne De Paula (Joel Embiid)

Another SI swimsuit model made it on our list. 23 year old Anne is astonishing and a once in a life time find. It’s been rumored that Joel gets background checks on women he will potentially date; so fortunately for Joel she was able to pass.

1. Gabrielle Union (Dwyane Wade)

No surprise here, the popular movie & tv star is a killer. The desirable actress married Dwyane Wade in 2014. Since then they have been living the good life, traveling the world and producing fine wines. The couple recently had their first child together on November 7th 2018 when their baby girl was born via surrogate.