50 Hottest Female Athletes of All-Time

By james - May 06, 2019

These ladies are special

When these women aren’t dominating in the world of sports, their rocking everyone’s world with their incontestable beauty.

Women like Gina Carano can turn heads with her striking allure as easily as she could break them, while Allison Stokke will morph you into a track and field binge watcher with just one glance at her Greek goddess physique.

Plus, meet the Basketball twins that will change your life.

Most men are unaware that many women we talk about even exist, and I empathize with that, deeply. Thus, we couldn’t waste any more precious time.

Gentlemen, this is list is about uniting our love for sports and women, an experience we long deserved. These are the ladies that we yearn to bear our genetics and mother our children into excellence.

If you start slapping yourself in the face mid-read because you might be dreaming, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Without further introduction, here are the 20 Hottest Female Athletes of All Time…

50. Ali Krieger (Soccer)

She is one of the main contributors to the incredible 2015 United States Women’s Soccer team, perhaps the best national women’s soccer team of all time. Ali was a star defender for team USA and named one of Fox Soccer’s Best 11 in 2011. On top of it all she’s fluent in German.

She’s definitely a special woman to say the least, even at number 50 on our list, she could easily have been number 1. The next girl on our list is a volleyball goddess and elite athlete.


49. Taylor Pischke (Volleyball)

When you hear beach volleyball, you think of talent in bikinis. Taylor is one of the best to do it.

48. Jessica Washington (Basketball)

This 5-star recruit has been blessed with athletic ability and good looks.

47.Sabine Lisicki (Tennis)

This babe has been serving up aces and natural beauty her whole career. In 2014, she broke the record for fastest serve by a female tennis player with a 131 MPH bullet against Ana Ivanovi

46. Elena Delle Donne (Basketball)

She’s one of the best women’s basketball players of all-time, and a stunning 6’5” blond. She won WNBA Rookie of the Year and is a 3x WNBA All-Star Starter.

45. Cheyenne Woods (Golf)

She’s one of the best women’s basketball players of all-time, and a stunning 6’5” blond. She won WNBA Rookie of the Year and is a 3x WNBA All-Star Starter.

44. Jonelle Filigino (Soccer)

Perhaps Jonelle is one of Canada’s greatest accomplishments. She’s a 2012 Olympic bronze medalist and every Canadians crush

43. Michelle Wie (Golf)

Other than being one of the most attractive female golfers, she is the youngest athlete to qualify for a USGA Amateur Championship at the age of 10.

42. Paige VanZant (MMA)

The first MMA baddie on our list. Paige has it all, she’s an academic scholar that pursued Culinary Arts, she grew up shooting guns, she’s been on dancing with the stars, and she’s ridiculously cute. Wifey material? Yes.

41. Anna Kournikova (Tennis)

She’s the former #1 female double tennis player in the world but turned to a rewarding career as a model and TV personality. Anna must have found the elixir of youth and beauty, as it seems she hasn’t aged a day since her early 20’s.


40. Monica Puig (Tennis)

If you love passionate Puerto Rican women, look no further. This young tennis star is taking the tennis world by storm and my breath away.

39. Laure Bolleau (Soccer)

She’s a model for Dior and Nike, and among France’s finest female athletes.

38. Louisa Necib (Soccer)

Her unique beauty is undeniable, and her skills are top tier. This French mid-fielder is an empress with a certain “gene se qua” that is hard to beat.

37. Candace Parker (Basketball)

The queen of dunking was bound to make our list. She is the first woman to dunk in the NCAA Tournament, and the first woman to dunk twice in one college basketball game. She was previously married to former Duke Basketball star Shelden Williams.

36. Women’s Russian Curling Team (Curling)

They’re gorgeous, all of them. Narrowing down to just one of these ladies wasn’t in the realm of possibilities.

35. Hope Solo (Soccer)

In the 2000s, Hope Solo had flashes of being America’s favorite female athlete. The Hope Solo fandom peaked during her run on Dancing with the Stars years ago.


34. Laila Ali (Boxing)

The first boxer on the list. You might want to be careful when you flirt with Muhamad Ali’s daughter, crossing the line could have lethal consequences, but then again, anyone has a punchers chance to score any girl.


33. Julie Johnson (Soccer)

She proves Team USA is stacked with all types of talent.

32. Miesha Tate (MMA)

She’s Ronda Rousey’s main competition in combat and looks.

31. Silje Norendal (Snowboarding)

Silje is proof that North European women are in a class of their own. She has sky blue eyes, Norway’s best smile, and 2 gold medals.

30. Courtney Force (Drag Racing)


The contrast of gorgeous Blonde and badass racecar driver gets my heart thumping. This All-American alpha woman is nothing short of a dream girl.

29. Camila Giorgi (Tennis)

She’s an Argentinian babe with unbelievable killer instincts on the court. She has a fiery spirit that can’t be contained.


28. Nastia Liukin (Gymnastics)

It’s an honor and pleasure to have Nastia as our first gymnast on the list. She’s a Russian born athlete that competes for the USA. She tied the record for winning the most medals in a single Olympics in 2008.


27. Hilary Knight (Hockey)

The hockey hottie that make you rethink the way you view tomboys.

26. Gretchen Bleiler (Snowboarding)

Gretchen owned the snowboarding world in the early 2000s, especially in half-pipe competitions. She is as attractive as any cover model and as talented as gold medalist come.


25. Caroline Wozniak (Tennis)

Rory Mcllroy breaking off his engagement with Caroline is a straight up sin. She died her hair pink and caddied for the man…what else could he ask for? She’s a breathtaking athlete that was formerly ranked #1 in the world in women’s tennis. Caroline needs a man that knows a good thing when he sees one.


24. Ana Ivanovic (Tennis)

Don’t let her pettiness fool you, she’s a killer on the court.

22. Kristi Leskinen (Skiing)

Kristi made a name for herself during the 2005 Winter X Games, taking home the Bronze Medal. After her success, her good looks were getting her on the cover of magazines as easily as her skiing skills.


21. Kim Glass (Volleyball)

Straight up gorgeous…

20. Alex Morgan (Soccer)

Alex was an American favorite during the 2011 World Cup when team USA just fell short at winning it all. Despite the loss , she is forever America’s sweetheart.


19. Heather Mitts (Soccer)

She started playing for team USA back in 1999. We honestly have no idea how good she was on the field and would probably never will after being distracted by her pictures before we even read the articles.

18. Tanith Belbin (Figure Skating)

The native Canadian, turned American citizen is soley responsible for convincing me to watch figure skating for the first time.

17. Danica Patrick (Racing)

Those GoDaddy commercials are legendary; many believe Danica is responsible for putting hot female athletes on the map.


16. Anastasia Ashley (Surfing)


This gorgeous blond became a swimsuit model before she even went to a photoshoot.

15. Natalie Gulbis (Golf)

She may only have one LPGA win, but she’s won the hearts of many across the country.

14. Michelle Waterson (MMA)

This is without a doubt the hottest female fighter still kicking ass today. Michelle Waterson has a unique prettiness and a great body.


13. Malia Jones (Surfing)


Malia is the ideal example of a blend of many nationalities coming together to make a model woman.


12. Skylar Diggins (Basketball)

Skylar is nothing short of gorgeous. She may be the only WNBA player in the top 10 (for now), and she is beautiful enough to hold it down for the rest of the league.

11. Nikki & Brie Bella “The Bella Twins” (Wrestling)

Double trouble here…the Bella twins are a WWE favorite. Drake said it best; “I don’t like my women single, I like my chicks in twooooooossss.”

10. Serena Williams (Tennis)

Serena Williams is thick, divine, and the greatest and most popular athlete on this list. She is now engaged to Reddit Co-Founder Alexis Ohanian; previously she was dating Drake.

9. Lolo Jones (Track and Field)

Aside from her Olympic success, Lolo became more famous when she came out as a virgin after her sexy track photos went viral. Lolo has four Olympic Gold Medals to her name in the 60 m hurdles, 100 m hurdles, and mixed team.

8. Blair O’Neal (Golf)

Blair is the only female athlete on this list that has developed a sound modeling career while still playing.


7. Gina Carano (MMA)

Kicking off our Top 5 is MMAs’ not-so sweet heart, Gina Carano. This is a bad b*tch right here; the kind of girl that will rip you apart if you cross the line on a first date, and some how she makes that sexy.

6. Ronda Rousey (MMA)

UFC legend, now Wrestling star will forever be a female sex symbol and powerhouse that men can’t help being drawn to. She’s appeared in The Expendables 3, Furious 7, and Entourage where she broken Turtle’s heart but sparred his arm.

5. Bianca Cruz (Softball)

Bianca is a stunning Latina softball that turned into a full-time model once she realized her unbelievable looks pay more than a high batting average.


4. Allison Stokke (Track and Field)

Every millennial knows who Allison is after this track picture spread like wild fire across everyone’s news feed. Allison is an ascetic wonder and knows how to work a large pole with the best of them.

3. Lindsey Vonn (Skiing)

Lindsey is a smoke-show. Her breathtaking body is second to none, and her seductive eyes can lure a man through hell while she is waiting in bed for you on the other side. Her accomplishments include taking home a Gold and Bronze Medal from the 2010 Winter Olympics; this is wife material at the finest.


2. Dakota and Dylan Gonzalez “Gonzalez Twins” (Basketball)

Every 20-year-old year hooper interested in girls can’t get over these two. They’re on their way to the WNBA and becoming your favorite twins on the planet.

1. Stacy Keibler

She has it all, the blond bombshell that only worthy men will relish. Stacy is an effervescent queen of seduction; she’s become more of a sex icon than an athlete, but even a season recreational Tee-Ball would have been enough to get this angel on our list.