5 Ideal Trades for John Wall & Bradley Beal

By James Caricato - December 07, 2018

The Washington Wizards are in the midst of a meltdown. Frustrations looming behind closed doors have now reached a pinnacle and things are starting to get ugly. Between Bradley Beal recently stating that he’s been dealing with this “dysfunctional” organization for seven years and   John Walls’ episode cursing out coach Scott Brooks during practice, all options are now on the table in an effort to clean up this mess.

The Wizards embarrassing start to the season has stirred up tension around the locker-room that can’t be fixed over night. Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN was recently told by League sources that any player on the Wizards is fair game to be traded, putting All Stars Wall & Beal on the market.

While the Franchise would prefer to resolve their issues in house and build a winning team around their two star guards, they’re not willing to hold on to a dying dream as the know the franchise can recover if they act sooner than later.

Given all possibilities and each player’s contract factored into the equation, here are the 5 ideal trade scenarios for Wall & Beal.

John Wall to the Phoenix Suns

Phoenix Suns: John Wall & Kelly Oubre Jr.

Washington Wizards: Tj Warren, Dragan Bender, Troy Daniels


Here, we finally see Phoenix getting the point guard they’ve desperately needed to pair up with Devin Booker and the emerging young talent Deandre Ayton along with adding some more strong youth with Kelly Oubre. With prime years still left in John Wall, the Suns can finally make some noise in the West.

Now for the Wizards…with this trade Washington would not only be adding a great 3 point shooter and an all around efficient scorer, they will also be creating cap space for a big off season signing as Dragan and Troys’ contracts expire.

The Wizards will be able to keep a gifted young core together with Beal, TJ, and Otto that can attract any star; maybe even Kevin Durant, possibly becoming a future hometown hero.

Bradley Beal to the Charlotte Hornets

Charlotte: Bradley Beal & Otto Porter

Washington Wizards: Jeremy Lamb, Michael Kidd- Gilchrist, Nicholas Batum, & a 2019 first draft round pick (lottery protected)


Kemba Walker has been on fire, dropping 60 and 43 points in consecutive games. Michael Jordan has made it clear that his number one priority this off-season is to resign Kemba, which may become a big challenge with LeBron and the Lakers selling Kemba on the idea of creating a dynasty.

Charlotte acquiring Bradley Beal and Otto Porter will put them in a position to make a run in the playoffs this year. This skilled young trio could probably attract Kemba to resign with the Hornets in the off-season as well, and may eventually lead to the Hornets dominating the East in years to come.

The Wizards would get a chance to rebuild with the first round draft pick and cap space in return as Kidd- Gilchrist and Lambs’ contracts expire. Also Jeremy Lamb might be able fill Beals’ shoes just fine…

John Wall to the Orlando Magic

Orlando Magic: John Wall & Kelly Oubre Jr.

Washington Wizards: Jonathon Simmons, Terrance Ross, DJ Augustin, & a 2019 second round draft pick (via Brooklyn)


This trade is really intriguing. The Magic would become relevant in the East for the first time in nearly a decade since the Dwight Howard era. John Wall would have Aaron Gordon, Vucevic, and Mo Bamba to work with; building a promising future for the franchise.

On the other hand, the Wizards will be getting a top tier 3 point shooter, a veteran point guard, and Jonathon Simmons who many still believe can have a breakout year. This option would still leave the team with Beal and Porter, giving them a chance to reconcile the locker room and season.

Bradley Beal to the Miami Heat & John Wall to the LA Clippers (3 Team Trade)

Miami Heat: Bradley Beal (Washington) & Jerome Robinson (LA)

LA Clippers: John Wall

Washington Wizards: Justise Winslow, James Johnson, Patrick Beverly, Lou Williams, & a 2019 first round draft pick (lottery protected via Miami).


This is the blockbuster trade of the list.

The ultimate rebuilding option for the Wizards; they get a first round pick for the upcoming draft and enough NBA talent in return to keep the fans excited and interested in attending games this season.

In addition to the draft pick, the Wizards will acquire Justise Winslow who at only 22 years old is regarded as one of the best defenders at his position. Winslow has a very promising future if he can continue to develop his offensive game.

Miami will finally get some firepower on offense. The Heat have been stuck in NBA purgatory the last few seasons; not being good enough to make a playoff run and not bad enough to tank for a lottery pick. With the rise of Jrich now paired up with Beal, the Heat will have one of the best wing combinations in the East. Beal can help Miami return to relevancy and likely influence a star talent to sign with the team in the future.

This trade is a no brainer for the Clippers. Currently the 4th seed in the West, the Clippers are surprisingly competitive this season. Tobias Harris is evolving into a crafty efficient scorer and with the addition of John Wall; they can surprise the West in the next couple of seasons to come.

Bradley Beal to the Detroit Pistons

Detroit Pistons: Bradley Beal

Washington Wizards: Reggie Jackson, Stanley Johnson, & a 2019 first round draft pick (lottery protected)

The Pistons are flying under the radar with one of the best front courts in the NBA. They are one more piece away from being respected in the East; with Bradley Beal on the market, the Pistons would be able to add reliable scoring and a real threat at the wing.

Washington once again will see this as another opportunity to rebuild. They’ll receive a first rounder and an experienced point guard that can be a top scorer on any given night. Stanley Johnson’s contract will expire in the off season and the Wizards will be able to look ahead at their future picks and free agency.