25 Biggest Contracts in the NBA

By James Caricato - April 16, 2019

Some of the people on this list may surprise you, others probably will, a few definitely will. Big money has been circling the NBA in recent years as the organization continues to grow, and everyone involved has had a taste. As the NBA continues to rise and compete against the NFL, the largest contract today has nearly doubled the salary of the largest contract in 2006.

Here are currently the 25 biggest contracts in the NBA by yearly Salary.


25. Andre Drummond

24. Anthony Davis


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You should be surprised to see a Top 3 NBA player at #24 on this list. Anthony Davis is averaging about 24 ppg, 11 rpg, 2.5 bpg, and 52% shooting throughout his career at only 25 years old and is currently in the midst of an MVP caliber season.

23. Bradley Beal


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Bradley Beal and John Wall arguably make up a top 3 NBA back-court, yet the team is still struggling to be a contender in the East. Although Beal is still a strong addition at shooting guard, he’s been statistically declining the last two seasons.

22. Joel Embiid

21. Andrew Wiggins

20. Carmelo Anthony


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His career with the Hawks only lasted hours, but he made them count. Unfortunately for Carmelo, since the Hawks buyout, he has signed with the Rockets to then be released after only 10 games. His season is now in complete turmoil as he looks to bounce back or possibly retire.

19. CJ McCollum

18. Jrue Holiday


Jrue is emerging as one of the best guards in the NBA. In 2016, Jrue took time off from Basketball when his pregnant wife was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Thankfully, both his wife and his daughter are healthy and since have been able to watch Jrue rise in the league.

17. Otto Porter


There’s been a lot faith placed in this young talent. While the Wizards have themselves a forward with plenty of potential, we are still waiting to see Ottos’ game blossom.

16. Chris Bosh

15. Demar DeRozan


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I Am Who They Say I Am...

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It’s no secret that Demar wasn’t happy about his trade to San Antonio before the season started, but he’s got people believing that the Spurs were the ones who won the trade after all. Demar is currently averaging 25 ppg on 49% shooting.

14. Damian Lillard

13. Al Horford


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Easily one of the most underrated centers in the NBA, Al Horford was a great addition for the Celtics in 2016. After Kyrie Irving suffered the season ending injury, Al Horford was able to step up and lead the Celtics to Eastern Conference Championship along the side of Bostons’ young talent.

12. Paul Millsap

11. Kevin Durant


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After KDs’ recent beef with Draymond, a lot of rumors have been lurking that Kevin Durant is tired of not being the highest paid athlete in the NBA. Kevin might not be opposed to leaving Golden State for the right price. The drama keeps heating up as the season goes on…

10. James Harden

9. Mike Conley Jr.

8. Paul George


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Recognized as one of the most skilled 2 way shooting guards in the league, it shouldn’t be a shock that Paul George made this list. Russell Westbrook sold George on the idea of loyalty in OKC, and the franchise has awarded him for taking the leap of faith.

7. Kyle Lowry


Lowry is now playing along the side of Kawhi Leonard in Toronto and the Raptors are off to great start. Lowry is having himself an MVP caliber season, averaging over 10 assists per game. We’ll see if Kyle Lowry can shake the label of being a notorious playoff choke artist as Toronto looks to make a push into the finals for the first time in Franchise history.

6. Gordon Hayward

5. Blake Griffin

(Tie) 2. LeBron James


The bulk of NBA fans would agree that LeBron is the best player in the NBA; therefore he should be cashing the biggest checks. However, that’s not the way NBA business always goes. LeBron is now a Los Angeles Laker going into his 16th season after averaging 27ppg 8.6apg 9rpg on 54% shooting.

(Tie) 2. Chris Paul

(Tie) 2. Russell Westbrook


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After trading away Harden and losing Kevin Durant, OKC needed to keep their next best guy. Since Durant has left the Thunder, Russell Westbrook has averaged a triple double his last 2 seasons, won the 2017 MVP, and successfully recruited Paul George.

1. Stephen Curry